We have been using PrintPoint for 3 years now and have found it to be a great quoting package,we have found the data collection to be fantastic in giving us all the information we require to cost our jobs quickly and accurately,the support we get is second to none and we always have our questions answered quickly.I can highly recommend PrintPoint to anyone who  is interested and urge them speak to any users.

Darren Hall
The Prominent Press - Shepparton, Victoria

Colourprint Australia has been using Printpoint for nearly 13 years.

The programme has gone from a small system used on a stand alone Mac IIE to a full blown MIS multi-user, multiplatform programme. It has always been easy to use and staff who do not have a lot of printing and estimating experience pick it up very easily.

Over the years the software has developed dramatically with constant regular updates. The programmers are not only willing to listen to users but keen to implement changes that makes the product easier and more valuable to use.

Peter Christensen
ColourPrint - Melbourne, Victoria

I have been using Printpoint since 1997 and have endeavoured to embrace it enthusiastically since day one.

I have found that by working hard initially and establishing the correct information that Printpoint needs to run on, that today, our team can produce and retrieve information that our customers and potential customers require from us, in a very short time period, effortlessly and accurately.

Printpoint technical support is fantastic, they listen to the requirements of their customers and with every new release; there is always something innovative to keep the program up-to-date with our ever-changing company and the printing industry in general.

There are so many features to Printpoint that warrant mentioning in this testimonial, but space does not allow. I wholeheartedly endorse Printpoint and would welcome any enquiry directed to me about the program.

Russell Hall
Goulburn Valley Printing Services - Mooroopna, Victoria

I have been using PrintPoint since 1993 starting out as a single user and then progressing to be a multi user as our business grew. The great thing is that we are still using the same database as we were back then and PrintPoint has been able to grow with us. My customers are often amazed at how we can so quickly find details of previous jobs and with the ability to clone past estimates and jobs we can give them instantaneous quotes while they are on the phone making their enquiry.

We use the templates in much the same way, estimating and job ticketing and tracking is now almost effortless and training new staff to use PrintPoint is a breeze, if they have used an old fashioned estimating worksheet they will be using PrintPoint confidently within minutes, no matter whether they are computer literate or not and with the reporting and management features that are built in to PrintPoint, it leaves us much more time to work "on" our business and not "ïn" our business.

Each new release of PrintPoint just brings along a host of new features that users around the world have asked for and PrintPoint 5 is an unbelievable package. Since selling our business some 2 years back to a bigger corporation I have had exposure to some of the other more high powered systems that cost many times what PrintPoint does and please give me PrintPoint anyday for speed, accuracy,reliability, information, support and good old value for money. I truly believe that PrintPoint is the best management system that any printer could ever need or want.

Brad Palmer, Former owner Bradlee Luxton & Dunn, Sydney, Australia

We have been using PrintPoint for over 7 years now and it has been a tremendous help in growing our business. Its ease of use and flexibility help us give clients multiple quotes quickly and easily. Many of our orders are repeats, so cloning an existing estimate and writing a new ticket saves time and insures accuracy.

We would heartily recommend it to any shop looking to grow their business and make their lives easier and more productive.

Alan J. Granat
Artisan Columbia Printing & Graphic Arts Center

We have used PrintPoint since 1998. PrintPoint 5 remains the most intuitive of print estimating & management software. Smooth database management (e.g. on-the-fly cloning and modification) made the early setup task so much easier. Self-networking, illustrated job tickets, extremely helpful support, programming staff that listened, upgrade versions as we grew, runs on PCs, Macs or both if needed, and at a starting price that made sense.

We had previously wasted over $20,000 on a competitor's product - input effort was greater than benefit received. No regrets with PrintPoint. I read of other printers' software weaknesses and smile!

Simon Sheers
Sheer Graphics

First of all let me say that PrintPoint is great! It is good to see that our yearly maintenance dollars are well spent. You have addressed many of the issues that we have brought up throughout the year. The stability of the SuperReport editor is off the charts. This is very important to us because we rely so heavily on customized reports. The upgrade process was seamless and we were up and running with minimal down time. As you know, we serve our PrintPoint database over a T1 that is shared at a location over 30 miles away. Once the T1 was up we were able to share information immediately. There was no difficult setup, just launch the program, logon and begin working. Colorwise has been impressed with the care that the entire PrintPoint organization has had for our business. You all realize that our business, and to a degree, the livelihood of our employees depends on the performance of your software. We look forward to working and growing with your organization.

John Long Jr.
Colorwise - Roswell, GA

We are now running PrintPoint 5 server on a Imac g5. We have clients on MacMinis, g4 laptops and g5 workstations. Still the best thing since sliced bread. Was holding our breath when moving to OS-X with PrintPoint and the program is working better than ever. Love it. Good Job.

Ben Woodworth

PrintPoint is one of those rare exceptions to the rule of getting what you pay for - with your product, you get much more! ...you treat us as if we were partners, striving for a better future together. Nearly every time we call for help, we get a programmer on the phone.

Craig Sheer
Litho Partners, NY

We at Chocolate Covers, found that PrintPoint gives us a more precise estimating method. Going multi-user has given us a complete solution for our business.

John Marcucci
Chocolate Covers - PA

The PrintPoint software was used in class to teach a group of 75 3rd year students the importance of accurate and consistent production quotations. I found the PrintPoint Management and Estimating software very comprehensive and easy to use. When demonstrating different applications from pre-press, press and post-press, it was very important for the students to able to see how the software could be customized and adapted to a variety of graphic arts situations.With so many production variables, it was a real benefit to analyze different "what if" situations to show the impact of changes in specifications and quantities.

One of the main goals and objectives of the course was to understand the complete production workflow from creative and design through to bindery and finishing. The flexibility of the software made all aspects of the graphic arts process easier to understand.

Another excellent tool within the package was the ability to provide comprehensive layouts and impositions. This not only improved the attention to detail required in a very critical area of production planning; it provided detailed diagrams and instructions for different products, book signatures and page sequences.The step-by-step procedures for entering customer information and job specifications allowed the user to double-check all details and instructions.
The PrintPoint Management component of the software tied everything together to provide a very impressive tool for strategic decision making. This ability to analyze production efficiency, scheduling, invoicing, estimating proposals, and comparing actual costs versus estimate makes for an excellent company management and production-planning tool.

The "X-ray" tool was extremely valuable in demonstrating workflow variables and the costs associated with specific areas of production.

Bottom line, with my years of experience in estimating and production planning, I feel that this was by far the most comprehensive and easy to use management tool for any company in the graphic arts industry. Ilook forward to using the PrintPoint software in future courses at Ryerson. It certainly made my job as an instructor easier and I speak for the students in saying that we were all very impressed.

Chris Kular
Assistant Professor, School of Graphic Communications management Ryerson University

Why PrintPoint is an ideal print management information system Most printing, prepress and creative services firms use management information systems (MIS) to run their operations. We recently looked at a number of printing management software and decided to review PrintPoint 4.

This program has been developed on a program called 4D, one of the few operating systems that works on both Mac and PC platforms. That's important since even shops that are predominantly Mac based will often use PCs for accounting and administrative functions.How would you benefit from this feature? Typically, estimating and production management functions are prepared in a PC environment. However, in the prepress department, Macs rule. Once the estimate solidifies into an order and the job is underway, the production department sends back information using PCs.Many prepress departments have a token PC for staff to complete time sheets, record material usage and read electronic dockets. With PrintPoint, however, prepress staff can view estimates, see electronic job tickets, submit time sheets and provide other job costing information directly from their Macs....PrintPoint is an all-inclusive estimating and management software that should be considered by small and mid-size commercial printers.

It's estimating system is based on the Activity Based Costing (ABC) method of calculations. The ABC method consists of calculating the time required to do a task (or activity), multiplying it by the budgeted hourly rate, and adding materials and markup to determine the selling price.This system is great for small and mid-size offset shops that offer a variety of products, each of which requires custom estimates. But it is also recommended for an operation with a spectrum of similar products where a price list is usually all that's needed to do an estimate.

A key benefit of PrintPoint is the single-screen data entry featureIn addition to the cross-platform advantage, PrintPoint is an economical management information system. Even with the full package for a multi-user operation, it is still surprisingly economical.The company claims the software is easy to install and use. Based on my experience with the system that I downloaded from the Web site, I would tend to agree.

Another key benefit of PrintPoint is the single-screen data entry feature. Other systems lead users through many screens requiring them to complete various cells with detailed specifications and information. This takes time and effort.The single-screen data entry is a very attractive feature. If more information is required, simply double click the relevant cell and additional details will become available for fine selection. Options are often highlighted in selection boxes displayed to the right of the worksheet. The appearance of these choices is based on the selections available for the cell you are working on.

Other key features include the flexibility of user customization. Form titles and cells on the screen can be modified as you use them. For example, if you call your order form a job sheet or docket, there is no need for you to change your terminology, just change the software.The system also has time-saving features such as templates. You can define and develop templates or copy estimates to be used for your repetitive quotes.

This full-feature management system carries an attractive price tag. Support typically has not been an issue, regardless of how far you may be from the vendor. PrintPoint has a number of full-time support staff in Canada, New York, and Florida. It also has a division that sells software and provides support in Australia.

PrintPoint also includes a series of over 200 layouts and impositions for various products, or you can develop your own custom layouts. This is especially important for communicating details about impositions for live jobs.In summary, this full-feature management system carries an attractive price tag. Typically, this would be of interest if you did not need a great deal of estimate customization. But the benefit of a system like this is that it works equally well in both circumstances. I suggest you consider it when you need MIS software.

Bob Dale, President of Pilot Graphic Management Services Inc.
Graphic Monthly

The new interface is fantastic. The additional estimating and quoting formats just make what was already easy, super-easy!
Teri Norman
Andy's Printing - Long Beach, CA

Thank you for your continued support. We have now been using Print Point for just over 12 months. It is amazing what an impact it has had on our business.

Jeff Berea
Berea Printing - OH

We have been using the newest data collection software for the past few months and have discovered it has more useful features and is more user friendly than our old software. Even people with very little computer experience have easily adapted to it. The reports are very easy to read and give us all the information we are looking for.

Janet Coburn
Aiken Printing - Albuquerque, NM

What can I say. I've been using PrintPoint for over eight years. I really can't imagine trying to keep track and staying on top of everything without it. Keeping consistent with my pricing has made my relationships with my customers so much easier.

Bill Cheringal
Norwood Printing - NJ