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Welcome to the tutorials section of PrintPoint Central. This area of our web site is being built by our users and tech support team. If you feel you are a reasonably good HTML programmer and can build a tutorial, we welcome you to submit your creation to us. Please contact us via telephone to discuss your ideas.

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Setting up a 3 page Job Ticket using SuperReports discusses the techniques used to create custom page sizes for multi-page SuperReports such as Job Tickets with 2 or 3 pages.

If you are running on Windows you may need to view the first tutorial below "Installing a Virtual Printer". You do not need to do this for Macintosh.

Installing a Virtual Printers for Windows




Customizing Timeout Values describes how to adjust the timeout values for the PrintPoint Server and Clients to minimize timeout errors on your network.

Windows Server

Windows Client

Macintosh Server

Macintosh Client


Removing a Color from the Paper Choice List describes how to adjust remove unwanted colors from the Paper Choice List.

Removing a Color from the Paper Choice List


Changing the Customer Association discusses the techniques used to associate a customer to an estimate, job and or invoice after the customer name has been changed in the customer list.

Changing the Customer Association