Technical Support is available using the following three methods:

  1. Online Support Submission Form

  2. Western Hemishpere Technical Support

  3. Australian Technical Support

Technical Support Submission Form
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Western Hemisphere Technical and Sales Support
57 Ludlow Lane
Palisades, N.Y. 10964
Tel: 1-800-PRINT-53
Tel: 1-845-359-0298
Fax: 1-845-359-3468

Internet Sales Support: send email to
Internet Technical Support: Go to our Technical Support Submission Form or send email to

Australian Technical Support

Australian Technical and Sales Support
Peter Adam
18 Beaumont Street
Canterbury, Vic, 3126
Tel: 1800-888-558
Tel: 03-9836-3539
Fax: 03-9836-9730
Mobile: 0419-552-462