Peter Adam

Senior Programmer, and Technical Support / Distributor for Australasia

An Engineering graduate from McGill University, I have been associated with the Printing and Packaging industry for about 30 years. I have managed businesses encompassing most of the forms of printing, flexo, offset, gravure and screen on equipment from A3 size to large format offset presses and 1270 wide flexo presses so I understand the issues facing Printers from both a technical and a managerial perspective.

In all of the businesses I have managed there have always been problems relating to Customer/Job management. I have employed computers to help solve these problems since the early 80’s, building my first computer based estimating system for flexo in 1982 on a Commodore Pet computer we had in the QC lab. In 1990 I founded my own consultancy dedicated to the development of advanced management systems for business. Since 1995 I have been associated with PrintPoint, firstly in a technical support role here in Australia, then as distributor and as a major contributor to the development of this great product.

Outside of PrintPoint, I am a keen tennis player and captain a competition team. Family is important but ours is grown up and producing grandchildren, so we get to send them back after enjoying their company.

Morrie Brown

Owner, Chief PrintPoint Architect and Programmer, Webmaster

I was drawn into the printing world when I invented/patented the MicroGuide.  MicroGuide was a small credit-card size device that opened up and included miniaturized maps and graphics inside a “loop style” view box.  In order to create this product I had to learn postscript and I became a pretty serious PS hacker.  This was all right at the dawn of Pagemaker and even before Adobe Illustrator.  I was hacking Linotronic 100s and 300s when they first came out.  In order to get these MicroGuide mini-maps printed I manually color separated the postscript code for 2 passes on a GTO 5 Color.  After moving out of NYC, I found a great printer in northern New Jersey who offered me an office to run my business and help computerize their shop.  My wife came to visit one day and asked, “How can you stand the smell here?”  My reply, “What smell?”  That’s when I knew I was hooked on printing.

I started PrintPoint in 1992 at that shop and took it commercial shortly thereafter. It's been 13 years now, and the best part is getting to know some customers well enough that I can call them friends.

The rest of the time I am pretty busy with my wife and son (now 7 1/2) and always trying to finish building our house.

In a former incarnation, I was performing musician in the 70’s and a record producer/song writer in the 80’s.  Lucky enough to have a few hit records back then.

Jesse Wiegand

Lead Tech Support Specialist, Customer Service, Sales, SuperReport Evangelist

After Ohio University, I decided to see the world by joining the US Navy. I served on active duty for four years.

Upon leaving the Navy I began work as police officer for the San Diego Police Department. I spent five plus years with the department, the highlight of which was meeting my beautiful wife Gina. We have three children and six grandchildren. Our first grandchild was born when I was 26. If your interested, I'll give you the story behind that the next time we talk.

Being a police officer places considerable stress on family so I decided the printing business would be a much better career for a family man. In 1992 I began my printing career in sales for a shop in San Diego.  By 1998, I had added the title of MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) to my skill set and was given the additional job of system administrator for our shop. My first task was to find a print estimating and shop floor management software system for the company. That's when my PrintPoint life began.

While I continued to work for the print shop I began helping Morrie with some "free-lance" PrintPoint tech support. By 2002 I was blessed to be able to come to work for PrintPoint on a full time basis.

I am curently based in Seattle, I'm a big Harley fan and serve as an Air Force reservist.

Doreen Munkelt

Customer Service and Office Administrator

I came to work for PrintPoint in 1996. First working in the office handling shipping and filing, I realized shortly that learning to user computers was critical if I was going to keep my job and stay current in the workplace.

I learned as much as could about PrintPoint day-to-day management and brought myself up to speed with programs like MYOB AccountEdge, UPS Shipping, Emailing, Adobe Illustrator, etc. PrintPoint challenges me every day to learn something new...and that's how I like it.

When I'm not here, I'm very involved with my church, husband and daughter, singing in serveral church bands, ballroom dancing and touring the countryside on our motorcycle.


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